Needlepoint Frames & Stands

Home of the largest array of Needlepoint, Embroidery, Lace and Rug making frames & stands.

All frame stands are individually handcrafted to emulate antique reproductions, versus mass machined and third world imports. They are all made from solid mahogany, cherry and maple as indicated in the product descriptions. Made in the USA

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item3a NP101cc
Mini Lap Top Scroll Large Lap Top Scroll
item5 item10
Large Lap Top Scroll Bostonian Frame
copy1 item11
Bostonian  Adj. Frame
Bostonian Frame
Bostonian Adj. Frame Vermonter Scroll
item8a item9
Vermonter Ext. Scroll Vermonter Lace Scroll
item13 item14
Victorian Scroll Rhode Islander A
item15 item16
Rhode Islander B Ultimate Scroll
Wood Specie
item17 A
Grand Scroll Ultimate Grand Needlepoint Rug Scroll

Large Ultimate Rotating Scroll Frame Stand

NP111 - Handcrafted Large Needlepoint Ultimate Rotating Scroll Frame Stand. Scroll frame is easily added or removed in a few seconds. Both frame and scroll positions are fully adjustable to your specific needs. See above photos for all adjustable measurements. Shown in Mahogany.

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